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December 2019 was the month of TED-Ed Conferences at our school.
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Reading Programs

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi

Students who test below 80 percent on the Reading Readiness Test will enjoy and benefit from this program as they learn to identify letters of the alphabet and to recognize numbers. Animal pictures, activities, and full-color pictures introduce social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love. Visualized instructions allow students to take the initiative in the learning process and to become independent learners. Since this program incorporates specific activities to develop sequencing and phonetic skills, promotes auditory processing, and improves eye-hand coordination and visual perception, many students are easily reading lower-level books.

The Kindergarten with Ace and Christi program includes:

 - A supervisor’s four-volume daily self-instructional manual, covering 36 weeks and utilizing all developmental skills—total of 2,500 pages.

- Coordination Development Tests and Activities to evaluate physical coordination skills.

- Large Animal Sound Display Cards to correlate stories to letter sounds.

- Letter songs (36) on CD to reinforce phonetic sounds and encourage motor coordination.

- Number Train Cards to emphasize number recognition.

- Twelve PACEs in each of the five subjects (math, English, Word Building, science, and social studies) to provide practice in all reading developmental skills—total of 1,830 pages.

- A Progress Report for objectively reporting your child’s progress.


Speaking English with Ace and Christi

The Speaking English with Ace and Christi program provides the means for the young school-aged child who does not speak English as his first language to become acquainted with spoken English. It is a series of 60 lessons designed to teach young children conversational English skills that will enable them to progress through the ABCs with Ace and Christi program.

This program provides lessons for aural and oral language development that include:

- English language for everyday listening and speaking.

- English vocabulary necessary for children to move through the ABCs with Ace and Christi program in English and the Word Building PACEs 1001–1012. 

- English communication structures that allow children to express verbally their questions, statements, needs, and ideas in English.

- English language skills necessary for children to progress through PACEs 1001–1012 in math, English, social studies, and science. English As Your Second Language.


ABCs with Ace and Christi


ABCs with Ace and Christi is an excellent thirteen-week phonics program for students who test 80 percent or higher on the Reading Readiness Test. It is a well-organized program that uses animal stories to reinforce all the alphabet sounds. It also reviews alphabet sequencing and word relationships. Scripture passages support the phonics lessons, and stories illustrate Christian character traits. This program also utilizes various activities to help develop physical skills, small motor skills, and visual discrimination. ABCs with Ace and Christi provides students with all the tools needed to be able to move into the individualized instruction of the first level A.C.E. PACE curriculum. While completing the program, students are also introduced to numbers and simple math skills.

The 12–15 week program includes:

- A two-volume instructional manual with detailed easy-to-follow plans for each day—total of 900 pages.

- Large Alphabet Sound Cards for display and review.

- Tactile-Kinetic Cards to impact the shapes of letters in your child’s mind.

- An Audio Song CD for reinforcement of 36 sounds and songs.

- Small Alphabet Sound Cards for individual review by students.

- Twelve PACEs each of Bible Reading, Word Building, and Animal Science, and three Math PACEs, all of which prepare the student for the self-instructional PACE program.

- A Progress Report for objectively reporting your child’s progress.

- A Reading Readiness Pre-Test and a Post Test to evaluate reading ability.

- A special Diploma for the completion of the ABCs with Ace and Christi program.

After completing the Post Test with a perfect score, the student immediately begins English, Social Studies, Science, and Math PACEs. Completing through PACE 1012 in each of these subjects concludes the average student’s Grade Level 1 experience.


After these programs children proceed through the core curriculum working in Math, Word Building, English, Science and Social Studies PACEs.