How I became a Girl of Convention.

I had known about Regional Student Convention when I was small. But I did not understand what it meant. Last year our school had a mini-convention and our class was invited to watch some performances. I liked some performances and I decided to go to convention. I wanted to take part in some events.

I met a graduate who became a Girl of Convention in Senior Category, Le Cam Tu. Thanks to her I have known about such award. My mom said that it would be hard to do because it was my first year. But I decided to try to be a Girl of Convention. I knew that a participant needed to have 12 events so I had to choose 6 performance and 6 non-performance events.

I started to work with preparation at home and at school. It was a little bit hard. At school we danced, sang, and learnt the scripts for One act play, Puppets, and Group Bible speaking. At home I worked with my scrapbook, beadwork, and Social Studies Collection. I was looking forward for Convention.

I was very happy to be at the Convention. At some events I was nervous that I would forget words. I felt joy when I got my first medal. And when I received a gold medal I felt dizzy that I could fall from stairs.

I didn’t expect that I would become a Girl of the Convention. I couldn’t believe that I heard my name and mom had to push me to go to the stage. I was very happy. I will never forget my feelings on the stage.

I want to thank my mom, Mrs. Natalie for her creative ideas and belief in me, my teachers, especially Miss Carol and Miss Arsine, and my classmates. Without them I would not have such chance to be a GIRL of CONVENTION!

Sophia Nepomnyashchaya (International School of Tomorrow),

The Girl of RSC — 2022 Junior category

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